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Established in 1989, Byte Productions began as a software development and consulting company specializing in the oversight of, and often the hands-on development, coordination and distribution of software programs, electronic catalogs, and document solutions designed for the desktop or as a mobile application.

Since that time, we have broadened our experience through specialty projects that we've integrated into our business including hypnosis and Neuro Linguistics and it's implication on product design, as well as the design and creation of e-commerce webstores specializing in the imprint and decorated apparel industry - in both business to business and business to consumer capacities.

Our commitment has always been expert attention to every aspect of client projects. We specialize in overseeing the development of “start to finish” solutions.  We get involved in the details!  Our experience in servicing fortune 1000 clients demonstrates our ability to handle multi-faceted projects both large and small.

If you have a project in which your company would like assistance in any of the areas including design, development, project management or end-user support, please contact us for a no-cost consultation to discover how we will add value, reduce cost, and relieve burden by coordinating and implementing any or all aspects of your project.

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